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JOLINDY'S GERMAN SHEPHERDS Breeder of Joe Bidens Pup, Champ

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Pictures With Comments


Lyric relaxing in her kiddy pool!
The Dog Daze of Summer... Time to cool off!


This is Blaz, he turned 2 on June 21st. He is such a good dog. Makes me want a few more. Patricia



My pups made the American CA Society fundraising
Can you guess which month? ...... Cheryl




Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how our puppy (Ronan) is doing.  He is a wonderful dog.  Super sharp, Personable, and friendly.  He is loved by all and he is doing very well. His last Vet appointment he was 43 lbs and the vet said he is the best Shepard she has seen in 10 years.  Attached are some images I have shot of him.  We love him to death.  Thanks again and I will keep you posted on his progress.



Saba and Weezy

Hi Linda,


I don`t know if you remember me or my dad Walter (Woitek). He did some renovations/construction (Borek Construction) for you at your kennel in PA about 11 years ago. You also gave us Saba. I have included a picture of her and myself from Christmas 2007. (Saba`s parents were Axel and Razem Tazem.Yes I still remember these things because I love her so much)__________________________________________________________________

Zenzi is Brian's Delight

Hi Linda,


I was just spending a little time web surfing and stopped by your page. When I saw the email address, I decided I’d send you a little note aboutZenzi.  If memory serves, we got her in August 2008.


She’s turned into a real beauty!  I was a little concerned when she was in her “awkward years” (6 or 7 months) and her fur and ears were WAY too big for the rest of her.  ;)


Her personality is great.   She is protective of the house and family when a strange bump occurs in the middle of the night or someone comes to the door, but once they are welcomed in, they become her new best friend. She loves everyone!   She’s also great with other dogs although she doesn’t seem to understand that not all of them want to be her friend.  And she has repeatedly tried to befriend skunks… usually with catastrophic results!


She is well behaved… although doesn’t always come when called if there is a distraction (see love of people and dogs above).  Any shortcomings can be attributed to our training abilities, not her.  She’s a pretty smart cookie.


To be honest, when we came to see her, she seemed somewhat aloof and I didn’t think she was the right dog for us.  My family assured me she was the one they wanted and I am glad they did!   She’s my buddy!  She makes a great companion for long walks on the mountain… her favorite pastime.  And she sure does love the water… a trait most GSD owners are amazed by.


I’ve attached a couple of photos for your enjoyment.




I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with one of your "babies".  I named my German Shepherd puppy Segan Von Gott (German for Blessing from God).
You have been available for advice and consultation at no charge, anytime I had a question.  With a new puppy there were lots of questions ranging from what to feed him to how to house train him and when should those ears stand up on their own.. 
Thank you Linda for always being available and mostly thank you for the treasure revealed in personality of my 5-month-old  furry friend and companion.  I am forever grateful.

Close to 13 years ago, we purchased our perfect dog from you, Asta (Yukon vom Leerburg X Mar-sals Enchantress).  She had a wonderful life with many adventures.   She was with us everywhere and especially loved our hiking adventures.   Her disposition was perfect and she was especially wonderful with our daughter; she always kept a careful eye on her.   As you will see from the attached photos, she was a gorgeous too (she reminds me much of Hans)!  





Rocky is doing excellent! Once I started him on the raw diet I never looked back. He eats plenty of raw chicken, deer, etc...

Everyone tells me how beautiful and well behaved he is. I owe the looks to you and the training to me haha. He runs around all day with plenty of room and attention. 




My wife and I purchased a female puppy, Bryn,  from you in May of 2010. Charly is the dad. She has been the most well-adjusted, well-behaved dog I have ever seen. She's so sweet and has never been aggressive with any other animal or person.

As we travel, the people at the kennel love to see her coming. They say all she wants to do is play with others and she listens so well.

Thank you for being such a professional breeder.





Stella is extremely intelligent. She is walking correctly on a leash, and knows basic commands (sit, lay, stay). She thinks she is a lap dog but a little too large for that. After she gets the basic training mastered, I will get her advanced training. Then I will be thinking about getting her a play mate.



















Puppy Remy says, "It's nice and warm here Mum. This is my first coconut."

My new Mum and Dad tell me to be gentle with the kitty and I get told off, but we are getting on great!

Remy is having his first swim in the ocean and he loved it.

When Remy was 8 months old he weighed 95 pounds.

Remy is a really big boy now and he is relaxing on the grass.

Troy Standish




Nitro is the love of our lives. Thank you! He is a very good and smart puppy. No problem at all. He seems to be happy here.  We take him everywhere with us and he loves everything and everyone.  We even took him trick or treating. Our little girl adores him.  He's not afraid of anything. He takes several naps a day. House training....well, were still working on that, but it's only been 4 days. No accidents today. He sleeps with us and is a very good sleeper.  He sleeps all night. I'll give him a kiss from you when he wakes up.

We know nothing will replace ol' Fozzi boy, but the hole that was left in our lives is now filled with poop, pee, kisses, puppy breath and the sweetest little eyes ever. Our hearts will always have room for another one to love. He's our Nitro boy and we love him.

Duane wanted me to tell you that Nitro learned how to use the "doggie door" on the first day! (I just wish he would use it to go and do his business  :)

Here is a picture I took of him a couple of days ago.

Thanks again.
Veronica and Duane

PS: He fell in the pool last Sunday and is a very good swimmer.



Hi, Linda!

I just wanted to let you know how Xander is doing. He's such a goof, always happy and a big boy. He loves to talk - a lot, and never has a problem expressing himself. He and I have a great bond and his training is ongoing.

Last November Jeff and I went to LasVegas for 10 days Nd Xander went with us. He was just 5 mos old at the time and was amazing - except for a few accidents in the Bellagio. LOL. Oops. He was great on the plane and many folks asked about him. He rode a train, bus, taxi, the plane, elevator, and even went on an escalator! He loved the escalator and convincing him we weren't taking it when I had to use my scooter as difficult. There were three dog conventions (guide, therapy, and service) while we were there. We didn't know it until a representative from each,  individually, came to ask about him, his age, etc... and they were amazed at how well trained he was and how good he behaved. 

On November 8th, Xander is going to go through some more training. It ends up that his hip is just fine, and the trainer (very experienced) said Xander's breeder did an excellent job and he's an incredible pup. That made me so very proud, as it should you. He's healthy, loving, happy, a clown, very smart, driven... He's amazing. 

Xander has to undergo some reminder training as I was very ill this past year and he needs some tweaking. So, he'll be at the trainer for two weeks. I'll miss him but he and I need this and I'm just not physically strong enough and have kind of lost my confidence due to being ill.  

I'm going to send you photographs after he's done with this training. He's just gorgeous and you'll love him. (Oh, he loves seeing his working harness. He was born to work... A true GSD.)

Linda, I want to thank you. Xander is a prime example of your love of your dogs and what you do to breed the best you are able. He is complimented so often and after every compliment, I'm sure to tell folks about you. If you ever need someone to vouch for your pups, you just holler.

Kathleen (Chaiah) Jacobson

Xander sleeping on the king size bed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas
Nov 2014


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Our new puppy is name Segan (prounced Zeedan)  It is a German word which means blessing and Segan is truly a blessing.  He is funny, sassy, determined and ornery.  He is learning manners and the first thing he learned is "Go look in your bowl".  He runs and slides and stumbles on his way to the panty to check out what is waiting for him.  It is chicken and rice and he loves it.  He is only 12 weeks old yet he lets you know when he needs to go outside.  We love him and look forward to years of joy with him.  Thank you Linda for this bundle of fun.

Sky, the great-great grandmother of some of our most beautiful, talented shepherds passed away in August of 2012.  Even as an aged Grand Lady,  she  still taught the young ones their manners. 
She was much loved and will be sorely missed.